SML- Smart Lock

This uniquely design lever is one of the best in our collection. It operates very smoothly when operates. It is available in passage, privacy, single and full dummy function. For pre bored doors, large rose used and privacy works with pushing a pin. For non-preboned doors, small (52mm) roses are used and privacy works with a turn piece and bolt along with emergency release option.


Pad Dimensions

Lever Dimensions


145 x 67

120 x 25


  • Fits 2-1/8” bore with easy installation
  • Adjustable 2-3/8” and 2-3/4” back set latch
  • Handing required
  • Slim design and illuminated key pad
  • Key pad and remote control unlocking
  • Up to 8 remote controllers can be used per lock
  • Up to 8 password setting options per lock
  • Password can be 3 to 7 digits
  • Easy switch from passage to entry (with egress) and vice versa
  • Easy emergency access by using key or 9V battery
  • Schlage C key way with key alike options
  • Works with 4 AAA batteries
  • Low battery warning
  • 3000 turn battery life or 6 months on standby
  • Panic alarm after 3 wrong passwords
  • Quick password setting and resetting options